Business Centre

Urban, Efficient, Monumental


Business Centre

Urban, Efficient, Monumental


Shahupuri, Kolhapur


Mr. Oswal

Project Area

900 Sq.m

Built Up

3464 Sq.m

Project Type

Commercial Tower

Commercial buildings are the canvas where businesses paint their dreams

Nestled in the cityscape’s busy streets, an enduring commercial design required the best use of UDCPR, a clean office plate design, and a lightweight building technique. In keeping with this concept, the 8-story office building was orientated to maximise views, and the service core was positioned at the back of the site to allow for clear office plate without interruption. The facade was created after doing climatic research. The project intends to improve the urban lifestyle by providing shops on the bottom level, which will not only promote business efficiency but will also attract the rural population, making the project one of the city’s monuments.

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