Our Identity

We are a creative & professional architecture firm based in Pune

TriDA means independence and determination. Assertion of individuality, learning through own experiences, relying upon ingenuity and practical creativity to accomplish objectives.

With an individual experience of 14 – 15 years in the field of Architecture as an Associates, we formed this group where more creative minds can join hands together. Our expertise includes Master Planning and Urban Design, residential, commercial, industrial, etc. We, as Architects get involved from the commencement stage till the handover stage. There is an absolute provision of all sorts of Architectural Design Consultancy Services till the post-construction phase.


Our company’s strength is our tight collaboration with all consultants in order to obtain superior results.

Master Planning


Architecture Design


Interior Design


Our Vision

We lead by example that Architecture can influence the quality of life and have an impact on the society. We aim to influence and improve the liveability of the society and create meaningful spaces for people. We want to craft a better built environment that would harmonize social and cultural values with modern context.

Quality is the Ultimate measure of life.

Design Philosophy

Great art and architecture provoke new ways of thinking. TriDA’s core philosophy is to propose a contextual design in response to the generator nominated client brief. We intend on creating a multidisciplinary design without compromising on the aesthetical and construction factors. We strive for a design that will have an impact on future generations.

Design Approach

With a socio-cultural response to design, we aim to generate a blend of Socially, Economically and Environmentally Sustainable design. We believe that each building should create an identity for itself. Curiosity, Creativity and Capability form a base for all our projects to make them more efficient and unique.

Design Principles

TriDA always aims at serving the society for a better and brighter tomorrow. We want to be known for delivering phenomenal designs with project management at all levels. There are certain principles driving our work force for producing good quality design.

  • Recognizing the client’s requirements and developing the brief in alignment with it.
  • Researching and developing the design techniques and practices.
  • Checking the efficiency and productivity of the design solutions.
  • Creating a balanced and sustainable design for all project types.